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America Walks

America Walks is accepting applications for community change micro grants from individuals and communities interested in improving the public sphere for walking or otherwise helping to make walking more commonplace. This program awards funding to help to catalyze smaller-scale, low-cost projects and programs that increase the prevalence of walking, expand the diversity of people and organizations working to advance walkability, and help to make walking safer, easier, and more fun for all community members.

Now in its third year, these grants to-date have provided catalytic assistance with innovative projects across the country, from maps that help encourage residents to explore their neighborhoods on foot to murals that help to enliven the pedestrian realm to targeted advertising that has helped to get the word out about existing walking programs.

The program is available nationwide.

Eligibility: Smaller-scale, low-cost community projects and programs

Award: $1,500

Deadline: November 10, 2017

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