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Ohio Alternative Fuel (School Bus) Grants – Due March 20

Ohio Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion Grants – Due March 20*

Earlier this year, we shared information about 3 school bus replacement grants that were on the horizon this year. The first one (US EPA funds) has been submitted and we are anxiously awaiting award notifications! This is the second one. If you’re in the market for purchasing new alternative fuel vehicle to replace an old school bus, the Ohio EPA’s Ohio Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion Grant Program might just be for you! I attended the Ohio Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion Grant Program Information Session Thursday, January 25, 2018 at The Ohio Department of Transportation headquarters and learned some specifics of the grant. For complete access to the Ohio EPA grant slideshow, click here.

The grant is open now and is due March 20, 2018. Awardees should be notified by April 6, 2018. The maximum grant award allowed to a person that purchases or converts multiple Alternative Fuel Vehicles is $400,000.

Reminder – this grant is 1st come 1st served! Eligible applicants who submit complete applications are automatically funded in the order they submit. You want to be ready to submit at 8:00am on March 6. By lunchtime, we anticipate all funds will have already been awarded.

EnvisionEdPlus has an Alternative Fuel Grant specialist. If you need support, give us a shout ASAP. Contact Tricia Moore, our Director of Partnership and Engagement ( or 614.357.4439) for more information.


~Craig Lautenschleger, Vice President (


*** This post was edited Febuary 7 when EPA changed grant submission deadline from March 6 – March 20.