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Education Opportunities in NASA STEM: Appendix F Minority University Research and Education Project Innovations in Space Technology Curriculum (NASA, Office of Education)

NASA seeks proposals to develop innovations in curriculum and experiential learning opportunities with a space technology focus that engages elementary, secondary, and college students. Goals are to contribute to the preparation, training, and development of NASA’s future workforce. Program plans should address the following components:

• Develop and pilot at least one new or revised course to introduce and enhance student understanding of space technology development.
• Identify and address campus laboratory equipment needs to support student learning in the courses.
• Provide hands-on learning opportunities related to the courses through internships at NASA Centers or facilities.

Eligible applicants are two-year and community colleges serving minorities. Partnership with at least one NASA Center or facility is required. Partnerships or collaborations with kindergarten through grade 12 school districts are strongly encouraged. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit a Notice of Intent. Cost sharing and matching are not required. Applications must be submitted online.

Eligibility: Public, Private

Award: Awards vary.

Deadline: Notices of Intent are due February 20. Applications are due April 20.


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