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Learning Disabilities Foundation of America

The Learning Disabilities Foundation of America is accepting grant applications for projects which conform to the mission of the Learning Disabilities Foundation of America by responding to an unmet need in the field of learning disabilities.

Funds are granted for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes or for the identification, ongoing evaluation and education of and services for children and adults with learning disabilities. With the exception of LDA committed funds, grants will not be made for routine organizational operations or for endowment funds.

Examples of project areas that fall within this philosophy:

* Innovative research into the causes, the prevention and/or the alleviation of learning disabilities;
* Distinctive public awareness programs to advance public understanding of the needs of persons with learning disabilities;
* Innovative programs to advance the competence of persons with learning disabilities, and the support skills of their families, professional advisors, and employers.

Applications for grants from the Learning Disabilities Foundation of America must be received in the Foundation office by April 15 or September 15.

Funding is available nationwide.

Eligibility: 501(c)(3)

Award: Awards vary

Deadline: April 15


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