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YouthBuild Grants (US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration)

YouthBuild is a community-based alternative education program for youth between the ages of 16 and 24 who are high school dropouts, adjudicated youth, youth aging out of foster care, youth with disabilities, homeless youth, and other disconnected youth populations. The YouthBuild program simultaneously addresses several core issues facing low-income communities: affordable housing, education, employment, leadership development, and energy efficiency. The YouthBuild model balances project-based learning and occupational-skills training that prepare disadvantaged youth for career placement.

The academic component is an alternative education program that assists youth who are often significantly behind in basic skills to obtain a high school diploma or state high school equivalency credential. The occupational-skills training component prepares at-risk youth to gain placement into career pathways or further education or training; and also supports the goal of increasing affordable housing within communities by teaching youth construction skills learned by building or significantly renovating homes for low-income or homeless families and individuals. Occupational-skills training also may include other demand industries in addition to construction skills training for grantees that have been previously funded by the Department of Labor. This expansion into additional demand industries is the Construction Plus component.

All YouthBuild programs are required partners of the One-Stop Career Centers. Eligible applicants for these grants are public or private nonprofit agencies or organizations including rural, urban, or Native American agencies that have previously served disadvantaged youth in a YouthBuild or other similar program. Applicants must provide matching resources of exactly 25 percent of the grant award amount. Applications must be submitted by postal mail.

Eligibility: Homeschool, 501 (c)(3) organizations

Award: Approximately 40 grants up to $1.1 million each are awarded.

Deadline: Applications are due August 31.

Toni Wilson-King
Phone: 202.693.2922

Mark Smith
Phone: 202.693.3747

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