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SHAPE America (Tommy Wilson Memorial)

SHAPE America is accepting applications to the Tommy Wilson Memorial Grant Fund. The grant supports recreational programs for individuals with disabilities.

Applicants must meet all of the following criteria to be considered (additional requirements in application packet):

* The program must provide a specific direct service to individuals with disabilities.
* The program must focus on recreational pursuits for individuals with disabilities.
* The applicant must have a successful record of programming for individuals with disabilities.
* The applicant must be a nonprofit organization.
* Funds must go directly to supporting individuals with disabilities in recreational activities (e.g., equipment, housing, registration fees, facilities).
* Grants may not be used to cover administrative costs.

Additional requirements:

* Recipients must submit a summary report of funds and activities of the project within 3 months following the project completion, or 15 months after the funds are received, whichever is sooner.
* Recipients must write a 400-word summary for publication in one or more of SHAPE America’s outlets. You might also be invited to offer a presentation at the SHAPE America Convention.
* Applicants may be funded under this grant only once per five-year period.
* Priority is given to programs that assist economically disadvantaged or low-income individuals
* Priority is given to programs that have at least one SHAPE America member on staff.

This program is available nationwide.

Eligibility: Nonprofit

Award: Up to $1,500

Deadline: December 1


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