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Brady Education Foundation

The Brady Education Foundation seeks to close the achievement gap for children at risk for poor school outcomes due to environmental factors associated with living in poverty. The foundation is focused on the development and evaluation of programs that are consistent with a strength-based approach and show promise of being feasible, effective, and sustainable.

The foundation favors projects that represent strong collaborative relationships between researchers and practitioners, and other community stakeholders; projects for which operational funding for the program is already secured so that funding from the foundation is used only for evaluation activities; programs that show promise of being affordable, accessible, and sustainable; projects that evaluate effects on measurable child outcomes; and projects that consider the specific and unique assets and needs of children from underserved populations.

Nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply. Interested applicants must first submit a stage one application by email; selected applicants are then invited to submit a stage two application.

Eligibility: Other (including homeschool, 501 (c)(3) organizations), Public, Private, Charter

Award: Awards vary.

Deadline: Stage one applications are due April 1, August 1, and December 1, annually.


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