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CoPro2.0: Shaping Equitable and Sustainable College Promise Programs (The Kresge Foundation)

The Kresge Foundation seeks to expand postsecondary access and success in cities for low-income, first-generation, and other student populations marginalized by higher education systems. Through the CoPro2.0: Shaping Equitable and Sustainable College Promise Programs funding opportunity, the Foundation will support projects that show how College Promise programs at community colleges can:

1) Advance equity and help dismantle systemic racism;

2) Improve postsecondary outcomes for historically marginalized populations;

3) Reinforce the capacity of community colleges to provide high-quality postsecondary education and improve the well-being of students and local communities; and

4) Partner with other organizations to leverage resources and maximize program contributions to ensure long-term sustainability.

Projects should focus on one of three streams of work: 1) Program Innovations and Redesign; 2) Research on Financial Sustainability; and 3) Strategic, Local, and State Implementation Guidance for the Biden-Harris Administration’s Tuition-Free Community College Proposal.

Eligibility: Concept papers are invited from place-based college promise programs; community college districts; state higher education coordinating boards, systems, or commissions; and other public or nonprofit organizations.

Award: Awards vary

Deadline: The deadline for concept papers is August 9, 2021; invited proposals will be due September 20, 2021.

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