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EnvisionEdPlus’ new EEP Peeps win $500,000 in Pennsylvania Department of Education grant competition.

Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf recently announced nearly $20M in grant awards for the state’s most recent round of PAsmart Advancing Computer Science and STEM Education Grants. We are so excited that our new friends from Montoursville Area Schools were awarded one of only 42 grants for their Re(inventing) School-Business-Community Partnerships to Ensure CS/STEM for All project. This is a cross-sector partnership among Montoursville Area Schools, River Valley Regional YMCA , Inventionland Education and EnvisionEdPlus, Inventionland and Tomorrow’s World Today. Partners will build teacher and out-of-school (OST) time program staff capacity to provide high quality CS/STEM learning experiences for all 1,814 MASD students and more than 600 YMCA served youth from four rural – central PA counties. 

Inventionland Education will train MASD staff to implement Inventionland Education’s Innovation course in all schools and transform one highly out-dated classroom into an immersive Innovation Lab ®. Our team at EnvisionEdPlus can’t wait to develop STEM identity and skills in YMCA staff so they can shift from play based childcare to a CS/STE(A)M focused program. Together, Inventionland Education and EnvisionEdPlus will help school and YMCA staff create 100 high quality, engaging learning experiences that integrate maker education and/or computer science. MASD will also incubate a school-business-community partnership to recruit volunteers to engage with students in CS/STEM learning. But wait there’s more! Industry partners from Inventionland and Tomorrow’s World Today will link students with real world CS/STEM career awareness experiences. 

By working together and consistently engaging all youth in this comprehensive and high quality CS/ STEM education, Montoursville youth will be well prepared for success in Pennsylvania’s future workforce by the time they graduate from high school.  We can’t WAIT to get started!  

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