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EnvisionEdPlus is Growing!

In 2023, EnvisionEdPlus will celebrate its 10-year anniversary! As the company grows, so does our need to expand our expertise. Every team member is empowered and encouraged to bring their full selves to work, make personal and professional growth, and work together with the vision of creating a world where EACH young person CAN and DOES achieve their full potential. 

Grow with us! We are currently seeking multiple consultants who will help us expand our expertise in creating and facilitating our on-demand PDPlus™ courses, as well as live and in-person learning sessions. As our grant writing demands are quickly out growing our capacity, we are also seeking grant writers who can help our clients secure funding.

Please note, all of these are 1099 opportunities and should not be construed as employment.

Remote work, flexible hours, competitive pay.

This terrific opportunity is for innovators to share and grow their knowledge and experience within a flexible and remote environment.  Design and facilitate PDPlus courses and earn $800 for course design plus $35 per student for facilitation!

Share your knowledge and experience in education and youth development on a project-by-project basis! Compensation is competitive within the industry. Pay will vary depending on the amount of time required to design, plan and facilitate the training.

This project-based consulting ‘gig’ offers grant gurus the opportunity to use their design thinking skills to help clients develop and propose high quality fundable projects. Pay is based upon project scope and expertise/experience of the consultant. Typical range is $65 – $95 per hour. 

Interested in learning more?

Virtual PD Design & Facilitation Consultants

As a Virtual PD Design & Facilitation Consultant, you will be responsible for designing and facilitating high quality, engaging and interactive on-demand professional development content for educators and youth-serving professionals.

Top candidates for this position are those who:

  • Embrace differences to create a culture where all people feel welcome, valued and respected. 
  • Effectively design professional learning experiences for adult learners. 
  • Demonstrate basic skills and comfort with video recording (or are enthusiastic about learning).
  • Believe that virtual course design and facilitation is FUN and REWARDING. 

Educational Innovation Training Consultants

As an Educational Innovation Training Consultant, you are responsible for designing and facilitating high quality, engaging and interactive in-person professional development content for youth-serving professionals. 

Top candidates for this position are those who:

  • Build capacity in themselves and in others so EnvisionEdPlus can provide the highest quality support and service to our clients. 
  • Possess outstanding initiative and are internally driven.
  • Demonstrate passion for supporting young people.
  • Confidently identify problems and generate thoughtful solutions.
  • Successfully manage time and are efficient when working on projects.

Program Design/Grant Writing Consultants

As a Program Design/Grant Writing Consultant, you will use design thinking skills to guide clients to develop and propose high quality, innovative, fundable projects that can dramatically improve outcomes for the youth and families they serve. 

Top candidates for this position are those who:

  • Show significant attention to detail and are self-directed/self-managed. 
  • Act as catalysts for authentic collaboration and amplify our collective ability to be the innovation partner of choice for grant writing in education and youth development sectors. 
  • Successfully manage time and are efficient when working on projects with short timelines. 
  • Effectively communicate in writing and in speaking within remote settings. 
  • Skillfully move a client’s project forward, even when the client has many competing priorities.