PDPlus (self-paced, digital badges)

PDPlus: Just the Facts

  • PDPlus courses are generally 6-8 hour asynchronous, online courses that can be completed at your own pace.
  • Most learners finish a PDPlus course within one month, but the timeline is up to you.
  • Content  is presented in engaging ways and learners complete relevant tasks and reflections. 
  • Learners work with skilled facilitators to plan and implement new strategies in their own work – with students, staff, or families.

PDPlus: Course Fee Structure

  • Individual Registration for 1 – 4 learners (single badge) $125 per learner
  • Multi-learner Registration for 5-15 learners (single badge) $115 per learner
  • Large Group Registration for 16-40 learners (single badge) $85 per learner

Contact Tricia Moore (tricia@envisionedplus.com) to learn about additional discounts when you register groups over 40 or to register groups for more than one badge.

PDPlus: Graduate Credit Opportunity

EnvisionEdPlus has a terrific partnership with Ashland University enabling anyone to purchase 1-3 graduate credits during a single school year at $205 per credit hour. You can even mix and match across all of our PD options (PDPlus, live virtual, design labs.. etc).

  • 12 hours = 1 credit ($205)
  • 24 hours = 2 credits ($410)
  • 36 hours = 3 credits ($615)

Contact Tricia Moore (tricia@envisionedplus.com) to learn more about graduate credit opportunities.

PDPlus: Bundles

Any school, district, or youth serving organization can choose from two PDPlus Bundles. PDPlus courses are generally 8 hour, action research based courses that are completely self paced. Every PDPlus course is designed so learners actually practice what they learn with students, or collaborate with colleagues to improve their plans.  We currently have 10 courses and are regularly expanding. 

PDPlus Mini-Bundle: $7,000 for up to 85 seats shared across all available PDPlus courses.  (Regular cost of 85 seats is $10,625. By bundling, you pay for the first 56 seats and the rest are free.) 

PDPlus Mega-Bundle: $10,000 for up to 250 shared across all available PDPlus courses.  (Regular cost of 250 seats is $31,250.  By bundling, you pay for the first 80 seats and the rest are free.) 

Small organizations – Feel free to reach out to your ESC or other partners and share a bundle. Large organizations – if you need way more than 250 seats, we can customize your bundle!  

Interested in bundling? Contact Michele Timmons michele@envisionedplus.com or 614.893.7341.

To check out all of our PDPlus Current Course Offerings and Registration click HERE.

PDPlus: Need to Know More…

Contact Tricia Moore tricia@envisionedplus.com or 614.357.4439