High Quality Literacy Instruction (Level 1 & 2 Combo)




This self-paced digital learning experience is brought to you by EnvisionEdPlus and will be facilitated by Wendy Lyden, an ELA Consultant with Carefree Education Service Group. During this 16-hour, asynchronous course, you will dive into Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement and analyze your students’ literacy needs as well as your instructional resources to determine the best way to support your struggling readers. Finally, you will create lessons for targeted groups of struggling readers using the evidence-based instructional practices in Ohio’s Plan and readily available instructional resources.

This course is open to anyone who is supporting struggling readers (at any grade level). K-3 educators are encouraged to participate.

Facilitator Bio

Wendy Lyden is an ELA Consultant with Carefree Education Services Group and has more than 30 years in education with a strong background in urban education and literacy. Lyden has provided high quality training, coaching, and consulting on high quality literacy instruction to thousands of educators in her 10 years as a literacy coach, instructional supervisor, and ELA Consultant.

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