Trauma Brain: Understanding How We Think (Level 2)




This virtual learning experience is brought to you by EnvisionEdPlus and will be facilitated by Jim Still-Pepper, an EnvisionEdPlus instructional specialist. During this 8-hour, asynchronous course you will gain an advanced understanding of the brain. Including differences between “active” and “relational” based brains, trauma-related behaviors, and strategies to reach and teach trauma-impacted students so that they can re-engage in learning.

Facilitator Bio

Jim Still-Pepper is the Director of Community-Based Clinical Services at Allwell Behavioral Health Center in Zanesville, Ohio. Jim coordinates the clinical team that offers services to youth and families in the community – schools, detention center, group home, etc. Jim is an award-winning trainer and has written more than 100 articles and has authored seven books. Jim is also one of EnvisionEdPlus’ most requested trainers!

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