Trying to figure out which industry credentials your students will be able to complete to meet Ohio’s graduation requirements?

Access to programs that prepare students to earn industry credentials is an equity issue for many traditional high schools. Students need access to instruction and training that will enable them to pass credential assessments so that they have viable pathways to career readiness and to a high school diploma. Yet, traditional schools struggle to provide relevant programs to meet the demand among their students, especially for at-risk students who need extra support to be successful.

EnvisionEdPlus has been studying credential requirements and looking at model programs in career technical centers and traditional high schools across the state. We’ll share what we’ve learned about various industry credentials that:

  • Lead to well-paying jobs and viable career paths;
  • Can be implemented in “regular” high school settings (or afterschool programs) without investing a fortune for specialized training and equipment; and,
  • Count toward students’ demonstration of Competency and Diploma Seals.

As always in EnvisionEdPlus Design Labs, your team will have opportunities to collaborate with peers and experts who are willing to lend their ideas and designated time to plan and problem-solve together.

Events are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.:

  • Wednesday, February 17 (registration closed – full),
  • Wednesday, March 17 and
  • Wednesday, April 21

This event is live, virtual. Design Labs are best for teams of 3-5 colleagues. Registration is $500 per team.

Questions? Need more information? Contact Tricia Moore or 614.357.4439.