Re-Start Re-Design Labs

How do we do school in the social-distancing era?

Ohio school leaders know that the 2020-2021 school year will be unlike any previous years. We anticipate that guidance about when and how to re-open school buildings will evolve over the summer months, but there is no time to waste if we are to plan significant changes to the logistics of school – how we use our time, facilities and technology to maximize the positive impact that educators have on students and their families while keeping everyone safer. EnvisionEdPlus and the Ohio STEM Learning Network partnered to design and provide this training in June.

We will use our Design Lab model to evaluate what we know about state recommendations or requirements, tap state and national educational models for creative use of resources, and collaborate with smart leaders, like you, as you design innovative plans that make sense for your communities.

This might be our biggest design challenge yet!

While specific expectations for schools are still in the works, the core concepts are familiar. The desired outcome is for all children to have the academic, social-emotional and other supports they need to be successful. The design constraints are:

  • Distance: Recommendations have been consistent that 6-10 feet between people reduces the spread of infection
  • Personal Hygiene: Hand-washing and masks
  • Environmental Cleanliness: Frequent, thorough cleaning and reducing opportunities for cross-contamination

Educators across the country have jumped in the deep end of distance learning this Spring, many without all of the formal training, practice or tools necessary to reach every student. Now is the time to celebrate what worked and improve what didn’t. As we plan for a longer-term approach, we must answer questions like: How do we prioritize limited classroom space? How do we leverage what we’ve learned about distance learning this spring? How to we improve to a more sustainable and successful model of learning? How do our routines and norms need to change? Together, we’ll explore how to reach our academic goals within our new design constraints. Join us!

If your organization is interested in hosting an event specifically for your leadership team, or would like to collaborate with others to host additional events, please contact Craig Lautenschleger at or 614-348-8628.


Reflections Aspirations and Design Constraints

  • Reflecting on Spring 2020
  • State requirements and recommendations (What we know and what we don’t).
  • Changing needs of students and families.
  • How can we re-think Legacy Beliefs in our school(s)?

Understanding Our New Reality

  • Successful models for Blended Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Block Schedules, Synchronous and Asynchronous Distance Learning, and more.
  • How can we re-design systems so Student Needs (not buses and buildings) drive learning experiences for Fall 2020?
  • Strategies and support for ongoing innovation

Planning for the Future

  • Use our break-out rooms to work through your plan with your team.
  • Call on our facilitators to jump in when you need another perspective, problem solving, or ideas for new resources.

For more information, or questions, contact Craig Lautenschleger at or 614-348-8628.