EnvisionEdPlus offers a wide variety of services to fit your needs from professional development to grant writing services.

Our grant writing services are targeted to meet your organization’s needs. Find out how our partners have won more than $200 million!

Our professional learning programs are highly personalized, engaging and relevant to today’s most pressing educational challenges.

We provide customized consultation, program design, training and support aligned to our Four Tenets for Re-envisioning Education.

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We strive to Re-Envision Education.

Through our work, we envision a future where –

EACH youth learns to think and innovate. EACH youth has access to a system of learning support personalized for their needs. (social, emotional, health/wellness, academic and family). EACH youth thrives for educational organizations continuously assessing internal and external systems. Ensuring equity of access, equity of opportunity and equity of learning. And EACH youth thrives when PreK-21 education, industry and community systems forge mutually beneficial partnerships that improve outcomes for youth and forward each other’s mission.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership Excellence

Join EnvisionEdPlus and Franks Research Group this summer 2022 for a 5 session program to deep dive into Student Leadership Excellence (SLE). Learn the best-practice leadership skills and develop the ability to teach and support your students as they become leaders.

Need funding for your initiative?

As a free service to our partners and friends, we keep a list of available grants. Many are DIY for beginning grant-writers. But if you need our help, just let us know. We will help each youth thrive one project at a time!

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