Each Youth will Thrive in School and Beyond.

At EnvisionEdPlus, we envision a future where EACH young person CAN and DOES achieve their full potential.

EnvisionEdPlus strives to provide the highest quality professional services to ‘innovation ready’ educators and youth-serving professionals.


We use our combined expertise and experience to leverage all available resources to build on our clients’ organizational strengths.


From self-paced online courses to live virtual sessions, we have professional development opportunities to fit your needs.


We provide customized consultation and program design aligned to our Four Tenets for Re-envisioning Education.


To fund their initiatives, we have helped our partners achieve more than $260 million in competitive grant awards!

Through our work, we envision a future where EACH young person...

learns, thinks and innovates without limitations;

engages in learning and support, personalized to meet evolving needs in a changing world;

thrives in education and youth-centered programs that are continuously improving; and,

benefits from robust, intentional education, industry and community collaborators

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Available Grants

As a free service to our partners and friends, we keep a list of available grants. Many are DIY for beginning grant-writers, but if you need our help, just let us know. We will help each youth thrive one project at a time!

Spectrum Digital Education Grant

Toshiba America Foundation Grant

Motorola Solutions Foundations Educational Grant

STEM Equity Fund Grant

Saxena Family foundation Grant

Beyond Words Dollar General Educational Grant