At EnvisionEdPlus,

our core values and an innovation mindset drive everything we do.

During her career in education as a teacher, principal, and school designer, Michele Timmons saw first hand how many educators and youth advocates longed to solve their communities’ biggest challenges but lacked access to experts, resources and funding they needed to realize their ideas. She founded EnvisionEdPlus to provide the highest quality professional services to ‘innovation ready’ schools and youth-serving organizations – especially those working in small, rural and/or under-served communities.

Our Promise to You:

Empowering Other to Drive Change

Through capacity building, we empower people, schools, youth-serving organizations and community collaborators to continuously assess, design and iterate sustainable solutions that meet their local needs while ensuring equity of access, opportunity and learning.

Authentic Collaboration for Positive Impact

We act as a catalyst for authentic collaboration bringing together motivated people, aligned community partners, and engaged industry allies. Together, we harness our power, resources and drive to amplify successful outcomes for young people, the adults who serve them, our communities and beyond.

Innovation with Purpose

We are methodical in our “throw away the box” approach to solving complex problems challenging schools, youth serving organizations and communities. We value innovation which is intentional and practical, and provide support to improve success outcomes for young people, families, communities and the adults who serve them.

Relentless Pursuit of Equity

We are uncompromising in our dedication to supporting underserved schools, youth organizations and communities, bringing greater equity (access, opportunity, learning) to young people and the adults who serve them, ensuring each youth will thrive in school and beyond.

Are you ready to turn your initiative into reality? 

Join EnvisionEdPlus in our effort to Re-envision Education so EACH young person CAN and DOES achieve their full potential. We provide customized consultation, program design, training and grant support to youth serving professionals and organizations to ensure resources and funding to turn initiatives into a reality.