High-Quality Professional Learning

Professional learning designed to fit your needs.

On-Demand Learning with PDPlus

Invest in yourself at your convenience. Our growing menu of PDPlus courses include resources and tasks so that participants can apply new concepts in their daily work with the support of a real, live expert. Participants earn credit by planning how to apply a new strategy, sharing evidence of their implementation, and reflecting on their experience. 

Professional Learning Sessions & Series

Engage in live-virtual and in-person sessions so EACH youth thrives in school and beyond. We can customize training to fit your schedule and cover topics that will have the most impact on your success. Our strategic alliance with state and national experts allows us to support all manner of academic instruction, social and emotional learning, mental health support, STEM, entrepreneurship, industry credentials, apprenticeship and more.

Our Design Cycle

EnvisionEdPlus will work with your team to design solutions that build on your strengths while meeting your needs. We embrace design thinking to keep us focused on results, flexible in our methods and strategic in every decision.