Brain Based Strategies

for Supporting Educators, Youth and Families.

"No Sleeping in Class!"

A series created in partnership with Still-Light Seminars

These high-quality trainings are designed to help you confidently and effectively tackle some of the most serious problems facing education and young people today. Jim Still-Pepper, MA. has almost 40 years of experience working with at-risk kids. He has been providing consultation and professional learning to schools, districts and parents for nearly 30 years. Jim’s hands-on, active learning approach will challenge your staff to create positive change. The active learning process will make it easy for staff to implement new brain based instructional strategies into the classroom.  

Format Options

Inspirational keynote addresses ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours

Full day (6 hours) or half day (3 hours) workshops.

While each topic can be ‘stand alone’, we recommend school and district leaders to offer these trainings in a manner that is aligned to ESSA’s Six (6) Exemplary Professional Learning Criteria.

We offer free consultation to shift any training from ‘one and done’ to ESSA aligned professional learning.

Course Catagories

Brain Based Strategies for Engaging Trauma Impacted Youth

  • Active vs. Relational Thinking
  • Biased Brain
  • Building Blocks of Trust
  • Ethical Boundaries
  • Generation miXed
  • Good Stuff: Building Self-Esteem In At Risk Kids
  • Help! Aliens Have Invaded. I Need to Make Contact
  • Making Motivation
  • Out of Our Minds
  • Trauma Brain
  • Tricks Are For Kids

Parent Engagement and Support

  • Engaging Families Through Support
  • Mission Possible: Tough Parents/Tough Parenting

Mental Health

  • Alphabet Soup
  • Diversity University
  • from Blue to Black: Understanding and Dealing with Youth Depression
  • Hurricane: Understanding and Dealing with Attention Deficit Issues
  • Should I be Concerned? What is “Normal” and What is “Nuts”?
  • What Goes on Behind Closed Doors
  • Yes But No – Understanding Defiant Disorder

Crisis, Conflict and Classroom Management

  • Anger and Kids
  • Beyond Bully
  • Choose not to Lose
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Deal with it: Debriefing Crisis
  • DoAble Discipline – From A to Z
  • Strength Based Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management 
  • Tug of War – Dealing with Power Struggles

Supporting Significantly At-Risk Youth

  • Beyond Crime and Punishment: Combating Criminal Thinking
  • Extreme Danger Zone
  • Helping Kids Develop a Conscience 
  • Lying and Stealing 
  • Trauma Lab

Educator Self Care and Organizational Leadership

  • Compress it Planning
  • Difficult Conversation 
  • For Better or For Worse
  • Gift of OFF
  • Learn Not to Burn
  • Learning to Teach
  • Meant to Mentor
  • Molding Morale and Making Morale
  • Real Life Constructive Problem Solving 
  • Seeing Red
  • Stressing Stress
  • The Write Stuff
  • What in The World Do you Do? Collaborating with Others
  • Working Together
Happy young employees giving support and help each other flat vector illustration. Business team working together for success and growing. Corporate relations and cooperation concept.

Learning Bridges Lab

Learning Bridges are hands-on, kid friendly activities that teach youth important life skills and help create powerful heart to heart conversations between youth and adults. This lab class will help participants learn to use and incorporate Learning Bridges into the work they do with youth. This is a fact moving hands-on learning experience that is based on Jim’s latest book, Learning Bridges. Choose from one of nine topics to personalize the Learning Bridges Lab for your school or organization.

Anger Mediation

Follow the Leader

Securing Self Control

Building Better Boundaries

Join with Joy

Wisdom is Not in a Tooth

Cooling Conflict

Expanding Empathy

Making Change