$ 245000000

That's how much we've helped our partnering organizations get awarded!

We help clients get the funding they need to support youth. Our running total includes federal, state, local, and philanthropic grants awarded to our clients and partners.

Are you ready to turn your ideas into reality?

Developing a competitive grant proposal is only part of what’s necessary to successfully launch, develop, and sustain an innovative initiative. Our team can support yours in designing your strategy, aligning partners, identifying funding opportunities, and crafting compelling proposals. 

Available Grants

As a free service, EnvisionEdPlus keeps a running list of grant opportunities for schools and youth-serving organizations. Browse our list to find grant opportunities for your initiatives. We’ve included big and small grants, including some mini-grants to get you started even without our grant writing services.

Youth Pathways Grant for Careers in Agriculture

Equity of Arts Fund

PNC Charitable Trusts

E2 Energy to Educate

Autism Speaks Local Impact Grant

Wireless, STEM, and Radio Technology Education Project Grants