FREE Training to Support Positive Behavior in and Out of School

As a youth serving professional, it’s hard seeing your students struggle. This is especially true when it comes to issues like addiction. While many young people are focused on getting into their dream college, the football game on Fridays, or passing a big test, other students are struggling to make it through class without thinking […]

Supporting the TikTok Generation on Their Career Exploration

Around 80% of college students end up changing their college major ( While some people say college is the time to find yourself and your passions, high school is the time to expose young adults to all of the options available to them. As youth serving professionals we get the chance to make positive impacts […]

High School Students Should take on an Internship, Here’s Why.

Internships are a great option for students to get real exposure to a career they show interest in. In the past, people thought of internships as only for college students; however, this option has slowly started to become more popular among high school students. According to, internships can be beneficial for high school students […]

Circles, Community, Check-ins. Helping Youth to Move Forward.

As we move farther away from the start of the pandemic, we can begin to see all of the unexpected effects. One of the greatest changes has been the perceived decline in soft skills like self confidence, conflict resolution and academic persistence (often referred to as motivation). The social and academic isolation caused by the […]

Welcome Dr. Thomie Timmons!

I am thrilled to announce EnvisionEdPlus is growing! Today we welcome Dr. Thomie Timmons to the EnvisionEdPlus team as our Chief Learning Officer to lead our ‘real time’ professional learning (all live virtual and in-person professional learning). Bringing Thomie Timmons into the fold is not just a great opportunity for EnvisionEdPlus, it brings Thomie and […]