Forge the Future: The Learning Revolution

Ohio Education Technology Conference attendees had a terrific opportunity to experience a learning revolution when they attended education’s first Forge the Future event hosted by Pillar Technology. The Pillar team also introduced the crowd to the first a series of Learning Revolution videos.  This video is a quick and poignant look at the future of learning, really gearing everyone up for a Learning Revolution.

EnvisionEdPlus was a key part of the experience.  Our team spent the evening as game show hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White – circa 1970s – and everyone had a chance to spin our Innovation Design Wheel of Fortune.  Contestants competed in six Design Challenges where they had to envision, plan, design, reflect, improve and advance their own learning while prototyping contraptions, gadgets and spicing up their literary skills.



Check out the great pictures to see personalized learning in action!  And yes, that’s Michele Timmons as “Vanna White” and Craig Lautenschleger as “Pat Sajak “ (well, sort of…) and Michael Bontempo as “Paul Rudd”.






If your district or school is ready for a Learning Revolution – consider attending Ohio’s 1st Personalized Learning Design Lab (March 17th).   Just one week left to access Early Bird discount – early bird ends February 19th.

Craig Lautenschleger

Posted: February 12, 2016

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