Logan-Hocking Receives Second Federal Grant

We are thrilled to announce that with the support of the EnvisionEdPlus team, Logan-Hocking was recently awarded its second federal grant. Earlier this month, the US Department of Education announced that Logan-Hocking was one of only 69 grantees across the country for the 2019 School Climate Transformation Grant (LEA Program).

Brice Frasure, Director of Student Programs led the Logan-Hocking team, with support from EEP’s lead writer, Michele Timmons. This grant will provide 3.3 million dollars over 5 years to support Logan Hocking in becoming a trauma-skilled school district that meets the essential resiliency needs of adults and youth so each student is challenged, prepared and empowered to reach their fullest potential.

Through this infusion of federal dollars, the district will utilize the National Dropout Prevention Center Trauma-Skilled Schools model to redesign educational systems, creating a comprehensive and integrated MTSS, including K-12 opioid prevention/mitigation, which ensures equitable access to positive learning environments that improve academic success, thus enabling each student to reach their fullest potential.

Last summer, Logan-Hocking and the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office partnered with EEP to submit an application to the the US Department of Justice COPS School Violence Protection Program (COPS-SVPP). This successful collaboration, led by the Hocking County Sheriff, the district’s Superintendent and EEP’s lead writer Angela Heflin brought nearly $500,000 to the community.  As a result, the district significantly enhanced school and community safety operations and planning to increase capacity and implement strategies to reduce school violence, vulnerabilities and hazards. Both the district and the Sheriff’s Office purchased technology and equipment with a focus on communications, decreased response time, and provided training for all Logan-Hocking staff and partner law enforcement agencies. 

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