Re-envisioning School – Is it Disgusting or Delicious?

As we were working with Canal Winchester teachers recently on a figurative language Design Challenge, we had an ‘aha moment’. The Design Challenge titled Delicious and Disgusting, was intended for participants to creatively solve a real-world marketing problem while incorporating figurative language elements.  The teachers saw the authenticity of the challenge, but what slowly pervaded our conversations was an implicit emphasis placed on the power of an individual’s perspective.  As educators, we face daily situations that are “glass is half empty / glass is half full.” How a teacher or leader “spins” a situation for his or her students or peers ultimately affects the learning experience.  That’s quite an influence! Not trying to be too profound here, but this sure does give the phrase delicious and disgusting a duality in meanings!

As EnvisionEdPlus and our partners gear up for Ohio’s 1st Personalized Learning Design Lab (March 17th) we encourage schools and districts across Ohio to think deeply about the opportunity they have to re-envision school within their own communities.   EnvisionEdPlus is partnering with The Learning Accelerator, Mastery Design Collaborative, PAST Innovation Lab and Pillar Technology for this great event where teams can work hand in hand with some of the most cutting edge businesses and non-profits in the personalized/blended learning arena. How your organization communicates innovation and personalized learning to your stakeholders will surely impact their perception of the work as ‘disgusting’ or ‘delicious’.

Are you ready for a Learning Revolution? If you are ready – or even just in planning stages – the Personalized Learning Design Lab will be an amazing opportunity to connect, learn and prototype your efforts.  Register soon –  Early Bird ends February 19th.

Craig Lautenschleger

Posted: February 12, 2016

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