School Climate Grants – Deadline March 12, 2020

In July 2019, Ohio’s biennial budget included a $2 million appropriation for Ohio School Climate Grants. The Ohio Department of Education will have two grant cycles to distribute funds. This year’s Ohio School Climate grant is open. Grants must be submitted by March 12, 2020. Schools can anticipate another round of these funds to open during spring 2021.

EEP’s official disclaimer
Our FAQs and information should never be considered official information. Our purpose is to assist partners in making informed decisions based on our understanding of grant expectations. ONLY the documents provided by ODE are official guidance and requirements.

Program Objectives: Increase the number of districts trained to fully implement the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports framework and other research or evidence based social-emotional learning initiatives to decrease discipline incidents that result in suspension or expulsion of students in grade K-3.

Eligibility: City, exempted village and local school districts, community schools, public STE(A)M schools and ESCs serving children in any grades K-3. As per the grant FAQs, non-public schools are not eligible.

Funding Overview

  • Schools may apply for up to $5,000 per eligible IRN, up to $50,000 per school district.
  • Awards will be made in April 2020 and can be used through June 30, 2021.
  • Allowable costs: Implement Positive Behavioral Interventions And Supports frameworks, evidence- or research-based social emotional learning initiative, or both. Funds may only be used for contracts and contracted services, salaries and benefits, travel for training and training costs. Supplies and incentives are ONLY allowable when application also includes training.
  • Unallowable costs: Indirect costs; capital or equipment expenses, requests for supplies and incentives only; salary and fringe benefits for personnel for work time already covered by a state or federal grant; food and/or beverages.

Funding Priority

Applications that meet eligibility requirements will be prioritized in the following manner.

  1. Buildings with 100% – 49.7% economic disadvantaged (ED)rate according to 2018-19 Local Report Card data) will be ranked based on highest to lowest rates.
  2. Those schools will then be further prioritized by highest to lowest out of school suspension (OSS) rates. Schools will be funded in descending order with highest ED and OSS schools being funded first. Tie breaker will be submission timestamp.
  3. IF funding remains, then ODE will consider qualified buildings with less than 49.7% economic disadvantaged rate but with 13.8% or higher OSS rate. They will be ranked and funded based upon OSS rate. Tie breaker will be submission timestamp.
  4. IF funding remains then ODE will consider any remaining qualifying building based on timestamp.

Note: If funding is insufficient to provide grants to all eligible applicants within a priority level, then schools that did not receive 2019 School Climate Grants will be funded first.

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School Climate grants are pretty simple and most likely your staff can complete it internally. However, if you are swamped and need support, EnvisionEdPlus is always happy to help. Just contact Tricia Moore, our Director of Partnerships and Engagement, at 614.357.4439 or

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