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Industry Credentials Challenge: Equity of Access

Ohio's new emphasis on earning industry credentials as a pathway to high school graduation reveals underrecognized gaps in access to programs that deliver workforce skills EnvisionEdPlus has been working with district and school leaders to understand their biggest pain points in adapting to Ohio's new graduation requirements as we have provided dozens of Operation Graduation… Continue reading Industry Credentials Challenge: Equity of Access

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Winter cohort available for Parent Engagement

The current cohort of our synchronous training, Engaging Parents Through Support, is making big strides. So, EnvisionEdPlus has scheduled a new Winter cohort to begin after the holidays. So far, participants have told us that they appreciate the opportunity to reflect on their approaches with different types of parents, create action plans to improve their… Continue reading Winter cohort available for Parent Engagement

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It's only September, and education leaders are already feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and exhausted. When you talk with your staff, do you wonder how everyone is going to survive the next week, let alone the rest of the year? EnvisionEdPlus has partnered with Miami University’s Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs and the Ohio Mental Health… Continue reading

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FREE SEL workshop for educators

EnvisionEdPlus, in partnership with Effective Leadership Academy (ELA), is excited to host FREE virtual learning sessions for educators who want to strengthen relationships with their students. During these overwhelming, uncertain times, our students need social-emotional support now more than ever. Educators might be asking themselves: How am I going to create strong connections with my students this year?How… Continue reading FREE SEL workshop for educators