Ohio’s 2023 Biennial Budget and What it Means for you.

Ohio's 2023 biennial budget overview and what it means for you.

One of the resources our education partners appreciate is EEP’s updates on Ohio’s biennial budget.  For our newest EEP peeps, we focus our budget updates on funding around a) PK-12 education innovation, b) healthy youth development, c) learning support/non-academic barriers to school success, d) workforce development in K-12 education space, and e) any potential grant opportunities relevant for schools and our youth development partners. While most of our emphasis is on the Ohio Department of Education’s budget, we also keep an eye on several other departments that fund in these areas. Read on for the current scoop… 

Governor DeWine focused much of his state of the state address and budget emphasis on education, especially continuing to phase in the state funding system initiated during the 2022-23 budget, increasing access to early childhood education and career/workforce opportunities for our high school students.  He also prioritized access to youth mental health services. EEP leaves analysis of the state funding system to experts like BASA or OSBA. Our analysis highlights a few pieces of school funding related to our identified areas of focus.

This year’s biennial budget is found within House Bill 33. If you are interested in digging deeper into details, I recommend watching the Legislative Service Commission’s website. The budget has been introduced in the House of Representatives and committee meetings are just beginning.

Here are our notes:

We anticipate changes in many of these areas over the next few months.  As the budget process continues we will share new blogs to keep you informed. 

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