Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood




Letter of Inquiry is due May 31st, 2023


The Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood strives to support innovative and creative projects and programs. These projects/programs should be designed to significantly enhance the development, health, safety, education, and/or quality of life for children from infancy through five years old.
The foundation provides funding in the three following areas.
1) Early Childhood Welfare: Providing a safe and nurturing environment for infants and preschoolers is essential. The foundation supports programs that research best child rearing practices and identify models that can provide creative, caring environments to ensure all children thrive.
2) Early Childhood Education and Play: Research shows that children need to be stimulated as well as nurtured, early in life, if they are to succeed in school, work, and life. The foundation seeks to improve the quality of both early childhood teaching and learning through the development of innovative curricula and research-based pedagogical standards, as well as the design of imaginative play materials and learning environments.
3) Parenting Education: To help parents create nurturing environments for their children, the foundation supports programs that teach parents about developmental psychology, cultural child-rearing differences, pedagogy, issues of health, prenatal care and diet, as well programs that provide both cognitive and emotional support to parents.


?The Foundation will not fund:

  • Programs outside of the U.S.,
  • Operation or expansion of existing programs,
  • The purchase or renovation of capital equipment,
  • Staging of single events (e.g. concerts, seminars, etc.),
  • The creation or acquisition of works of art or literature,
  • The activities of single individuals or for-profit entities,
  • Political or religious organizations,
  • Programs with religious content,
  • Programs to benefit children residing in foreign countries,
  • medical research applicable to both adults and children.

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