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Ohio Governor DeWine and Ohio Facilities Construction Commission announced this week that there is now additional funding available for school security grants.

Confusing – YEP! Give us a shout if you need help figuring this out! (Awards August 2022 and Schools Safety Grant Criteria August 2022 ).

OFCC website does not give a timeline for Round 2 of these grants.


  1. If you applied last winter and received funds – you are NOT eligible for these round 2 grants.
  2. If you applied last winter and DID NOT receive funds You may be eligible for an ‘expedited grant award’. If you accept this award – you are NOT eligible for round 2 grants. (Eligible schools that applied for, but did not receive, funding under the S.B. 310 School Safety Grant Program may be afforded the option of an expedited grant award under this program. Grantees under the expedited path must select eligible work items from the AEL specific to this program, and accept all terms and conditions for federal funding applicable to this program. )
  3. If you applied last winter and DID NOT receive funds, you may choose NOT to accept your ‘expedited grant award’ and instead submit an application for round 2 grant.
  4. If you are eligible, but did NOT submit an award last year – you ARE eligible to submit for round 2 grant funds.

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