Ohio Attorney General’s School/Law Enforcement Technology Linking Safety Grant


Up to $20,000


Application is due March 31, 2023




Grants will be awarded for technology projects that connect schools with law enforcement agencies/officers to improve safety, response, and prevent crime. There is an estimate of 250 potential awards. Only one application per district will be evaluated and potentially awarded. The objective of this innovation grant is to encourage effective and successful collaboration between law enforcement and schools with the goal of improving safety and security. Projects should be designed to encourage a life-saving and crime prevention link through technology to law enforcement agencies and officers. Some examples may include technology for crisis response (e.g. immediate camera access during a shooting for law enforcement, silent panic alarms, shot detection technology, etc.) or technology designed to alert law enforcement of potential safety breeches on school property (e.g. license Plate Reader alerts for registered sex offender vehicles in proximity to an elementary school, protection order alerts, wanted dangerous person alerts, etc.)


County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Other, School, STEM School, Chartered Non-Public Schools, Traditional Public School

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