EnvisionEdPlus will provide in-depth support to schools or districts as they re-envision teaching and learning. LaunchPad is uniquely designed to convene multiple schools or districts, creating an innovation network to share practices and more effectively utilize regional resources to scale and sustain innovations.

EnvisionEdPlus will convene four LaunchPad sessions, guided by our Four Tenets for Re-Envisioning Education, throughout the year. Each session will enable key staff, students and community stakeholders from each school/district to:

  • Envision the future of teaching and learning to ensure EACH young person is well-prepared to successfully transition to their next level of learning (and/or work);
  • Plan, design and launch implementation of evidence-based actions bringing the vision to life; and,
  • Develop internal processes to use qualitative and quantitative data to continuously reflect, improve and advance implementation and prepare for sustainability.

Who can participate in LaunchPad?

  • LaunchPad is open to any traditional or community school as well as to chartered non-public schools.
  • LaunchPad is designed for highly motivated school or district teams that may have limited local resources and/or funding but are ready and willing to engage a coalition of the willing to make significant change.

Interested? Tell us about your team by completing the interest form. We’ll be in touch to answer your questions and discuss whether it’s a good fit.