Mental Health & Social Emotional Learning Supports

In partnership with EnvisionEdPlus, Still-Light Seminars LLC is proud to present their “No Sleeping In Class!” series of brain based strategies to support trauma impacted youth. These fast-paced, interactive trainings will help your staff deal with some of the most serious problems facing education and young people today. Jim Still-Pepper, MA. has almost 40 years of experience working with at-risk kids.  He has been providing consultation and professional learning to schools, districts and parents for nearly 30 years.  Jim’s hands-on, active learning approach will challenge your staff to create positive change.  The active learning process will make it easy for staff to implement new brain based instructional strategies into the classroom.  

The following topics can be offered inspirational keynote addresses (45 min – 2 hours), full day (6 hours) or half day (3 hours) workshops.  While each topic can be ‘stand alone’, we recommend school and district leaders choose to offer these trainings in a manner that is aligned to ESSA’s Six (6) Exemplary Professional Learning Criteria.  We offer free consultation to shift any training from ‘one and done’ to ESSA aligned professional learning.  

Download our Course Catalog for more information.

  • Brain Based Strategies for Engaging Trauma Impacted (and all) Youth 12 courses (pp 2-3)
  • Parent Engagement and Support  – 3 courses (pg 3)
  • NEW Series! Learning Bridges Lab   – 9 courses (pg 4)
  • Mental Health Specific 7 courses (pg 5)
  • Crisis, Conflict  and Classroom Management  7 courses (pg 6)
  • Supporting Significantly At-Risk Youth  6 courses (pg 7)
  • Educator Self Care and Continuous Improvement  15 courses (pp 8-9) 

Most training sessions are available face to face and live virtual. Some are available via PDPlus, our asynchronous learning platform. 

Contact Michele Timmons ( or 614.893.7341) for more information.