About us

Do you work with or on behalf of young people? Do you believe education and learning systems should be aligned in all communities so each young person thrives? WE DO TOO!

Join EnvisionEdPlus in our effort to Re-envision Education so EACH Youth Thrives. We provide customized consultation, program design, training and support aligned to our Four Tenets for Re-envisioning Education.

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Design process: Envision, Plan, Design, Reflect, Improve, Advance.

Our Design Process

EnvisionEdPlus will work with your team to design solutions that build on your strengths while meeting your needs. We embrace design thinking to keep us focused on results, flexible in our methods and strategic in every decision.

Four Tenets for Re-Envisioning Education

We seek clients and partners who share our vision for all kids to thrive in school and beyond. Our tenets describe the comprehensive approach we think is necessary to realize that shared vision.

EACH youth must learn to think and innovate

ensuring every student learns. To thrive in the future, youth must be able to think independently, critically and creatively. Educators must do more than teach – we must facilitate engaging learning experiences which move students to think deeper and innovate.

EACH youth must have access to a comprehensive system of learning support personalized to meet their needs (social, emotional, health/wellness, academic and family).

School reform promotes just-in-time interventions to provide students with extra support so they can achieve greater academic success. In addition, schools, social service and community organizations must coordinate services to offer the tools needed for each child to thrive. These services must include social, emotional, academic, health and wellness support for children and their families.

EACH youth will thrive when educational organizations continuously assess and iterate the design of internal and external systems to ensure equity of access, equity of opportunity and equity of learning.

If the ultimate goal is for all children to thrive, then all systems (instructional, human resource, financial, etc.) must be equitable and aligned to meet this challenge. Systems must be flexible and nimble, allowing for ongoing adaptations to meet the changing needs of children, the learning community and technological advancements.

EACH youth will thrive when PreK-21 education, industry and community systems forge mutually beneficial partnerships that improve outcomes for youth and forward each other’s mission.

School reform encourages an expanded role of business and community within the school to improve educational outcomes. While this is a great first step, these relationships become tenuous because of financial hardship, leadership change or other forces. Re-envisioning education requires looking at partnerships through the lens of advancing each other’s mission, not only the immediate needs of schools and children. This strength-based approach promotes long term sustainability of each system and the partnership itself.

The bottom line –

We want all children to have the skills they need to be successful contributors in the 21st century. To do this, we strive to re-invent the educational experiences children have every day.