7 FREE Resources to Encourage and Expand Entrepreneurship Education

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week and National Entrepreneurship Month! At EnvisionEdPlus, we strongly believe in increasing equity in entrepreneurship education. Not only so young people can one day become their own boss, but because entrepreneurial skills support much more than just sales. Entrepreneurial skills include, but aren’t limited to; being innovative, confident, and resilient. It’s being able to quickly shift or adjust when problems arise (in business, at home and in the community) and using critical thinking skills when making tough decisions. These are all very valuable skills for any career path and can help students confidently overcome any challenges they may face as they go through life.

So, to celebrate this week and month, here is a list of 7 FREE entrepreneurship education resources, activities, and tools. 

1. Entrepreneurship Education Professional Learning Community. Of course we’re going to start off with our monthly PLC sessions that we host with the Young Entrepreneur Institute and the Ohio Afterschool Network. During these live virtual events we share tools, tips, and strategies for incorporating entrepreneurship into your classroom. Our next session is November 15th at 10am, hope to see you there!  

2. Invention games and business plan builder – VentureLab has a ton of great resources, from a business plan builder to a Wacky Invention Game. Their tools help start creativity in students and introduce them to the world of entrepreneurship.

3. Young Entrepreneurs Pitch Challenge – From Young Entrepreneur Institute, this free resource will help young people create an attention-getting pitch for gaining potential customers and/or funders.

4. Teacher Entrepreneurship SummitTeachingEntrepreneurship.org has entrepreneurship activities and curriculum to teach students about revenue models, product design and development, customer interviews, and more. On December 13th (Financial Modeling) and December 20th (Engagement From the First Day), from 1-2:30pm. *These sessions are only free for live view. Recordings are available for purchase. 

5. Power Hour – YEI also offers another free virtual series for educators to learn a  variety of topics including marketing, financial figuring, creativity, and so much more. 

6. YIPPEE – Earn points through registration, attending events, leaving reviews, etc. and redeem your points for products! They even have products available for zero points!

7. Printable and interactive tools – NFTE (Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship) has a page where you’ll find free posters, activities, modeling tools, and much more. Students can learn pricing models, problem solving, flexibility, and more!

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