The Importance of Leadership in the Current and Future Job Market

Leadership skills help to nurture one’s success through life in schooling, relationships, and their career. When we think about leadership skills, it really is an umbrella term for many other major life skills. To be an effective leader you must have strategic thinking skills, motivation, influence, strong relationship skills, and the ability to communicate in order to tackle duties within a team in an efficient manner. No matter what role you take on in your career, at one point or another this knowledge will be useful to efficiently complete a project. Even in elementary school, having the ability to think strategically, while clearly communicating with peers is a critical skill. As educators, parents, and youth serving professionals, we know the importance of nurturing such skills in youth will shape the future of society.    

The World Economic Forum states that leadership, influence, resilience, and flexibility are some of the top ten needed skills of 2025. With technology changing and improving faster than ever and more people working from home, employers are looking for potential employees that bring strong skills to the company to add valuable intelligence and brainpower. Along that same line, CNBC reports that leadership is one of the top 10 in-demand skills to gain when seeking a promotion or raise. 

When we are asked HOW to explicitly teach leadership skills within an already packed curriculum, we regularly recommend the Student Leadership Excellence program from Franks Research Group. We love this program because students are actively engaged in learning and must complete a community based practicum to demonstrate their learning! It is also a very cost effective program that can be easily integrated into any career readiness or exploration course, as well as in any English course. Many of our school partners have started embedding it within senior English so every student leaves high school with these skills and a 3-point industry recognized credential.   

 In fact, we are such fans that we are hosting two live virtual train-the-trainer workshops (February and June) ~  and all registrants receive a discounted registration and a free leadership book.  Here’s the scoop! 

FRG and EnvisionEdPlus have partnered to bring school administrators, educators and afterschool professionals the knowledge you need to offer the Student Leadership Excellence program and industry credential to your students. Learn to build and maintain high performing programs that teach vital leadership skills using a three- phase approach. Jim Franks, will facilitate the 20 hours of live virtual learning through five 4-hour sessions.  Jim has over 30 years of experience with IBM, Cisco systems, and Dale Carnegie. He was also an academic dean and is now a speaker and coach specializing in leadership, communications, strategies and execution. Throughout the first phase (two 4-hour sessions) participants will deep dive into leadership through professional development. This is a very interactive time when we encourage asking questions and participating in open discussions. 

 During Phase 2 participants will earn their trainer certificate while practicing and strengthening their skills and discovering strategies for effectively facilitating the course . Participants also get feedback and support to prepare for phase 3. Lastly, in Phase 3, certified trainers begin the program with their own students with access to  the tools you need (curriculum, final exam, certificates for completion by students) to run a successful class. 

To read more about each phase, click HERE. Currently, The Ohio Department of Education includes Student Leadership Excellence as an in-demand industry recognized credential and successful completion is worth 3 points towards a student’s alternative pathway to graduation. 

Through proper training and practice, leadership can be taught to all students and give them in-demand skills they can use to prosper through their careers. With our great partnership we are offering this course to you for $1120/person which includes the necessary curriculum, the student’s final exam, and a free eBook version of The Leadership Challenge

Interested in becoming a certified to teach Student Leadership Excellence??  

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