Ohio’s Biennial Budget – Grant and Funding Opportunities

In our last and final Ohio budget blog (part 3 of 3) we will cover grant opportunities to look out for. If you need grant writing support, we have helped our partnering organizations get over $246 million in grants! Reach out to Michele (Michele@envisionedplus.com) for more information. 

Grants and funding:

  • College Credit Plus Educator Preparation Program – $3 million each year to support  graduate coursework for high school teachers to receive credentialing to teach College Credit Plus courses. Priority given to economically disadvantaged high schools in which there are limited or no teachers currently with such credentials.
  • College Credit Plus – Auxiliary Funding – Grants to school districts offering NEW CCP courses taught in HS by HS teachers. Minimum of $1,000 with at least 25% of funds payment to the teacher of the new course. Prioritize grants to districts with low CCP participation rates. 
  • STEM in Nonpublic Schools Grants – $612,500 in each year for grants of up to $75,000 per building for STEM equipment and programs. $125,000 per year for grants to purchase coding robots for K-12. 
  • Career Tech Education Grants – Up to $2.5 million each year for grants to Ohio State School for the Blind, Ohio School for the Deaf and correctional institutions to provide career technical education. 
  • School Safety Training Grants – Through the Attorney General’s office for school safety and school climate programs and training.
  • Teach CS Grant Program – $4 million per year to fund grants through ODHE that funds coursework, materials and exams for teachers to earn supplemental licenses, endorsements and CEUs. Priority for awards to education consortia that include economically disadvantaged schools with limited computer science access. 
  • Child Care Infrastructure Grants Grants through the new Department of Children and Youth (KIDS) to provide safe and developmentally appropriate child care for infants and toddlers in communities with high infant mortality rates. Funds may be used to provide workforce support, family engagement and support, mental health services, professional development and technical assistance, facilities improvement and classroom supplies.


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