Ohio Prepares for its First Statewide Youth Virtual Career Fair

Painesville City Local Schools (PCLS), in partnership with EnvisionEdPlus, is excited to announce the first ever Youth Virtual Career Fair powered by Career Town Network (CTN). During the month of May, all graduating high school seniors are welcome and encouraged to participate in this one of a kind virtual job search opportunity. Whether the graduating senior is looking for full time permanent employment, a part time job during college, an internship or apprenticeship opportunity, participating in the Ohio Youth Virtual Career Fair offers young people a one-stop shop to engage with small, medium and large businesses across Ohio who are actively recruiting entry level employees.  Heidi Fyffe, Painesville’s Director of State and Federal Programs shared “PCLS and Harvey High School are always striving to help our students in securing careers after graduation. CTN’s virtual career fair will help our students learn about their own skills, about new options, and about new skills that can help them get a new job. We are most excited about its virtual nature. It’s a great way for our students to hear and learn about a broader variety of experiences.”  


CTN’s virtual career fair platform is designed to engage job seekers directly with the recruiting staff from companies in a very similar way to how a traditional (in-person) career fair would work except it’s well – virtual! CTN uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help the employers match candidates with positions that best match their skills and experiences. Job seekers will have an amazing experience using any device. They can get to know important information about potential employers through video and chat. 

How can schools and youth serving organizations get YOUR youth involved?

Step 1: Register your school or program via the EnvisionEdPlus Eventbrite page. School and program registration is open NOW through March 3rd.  There is NO COST to register or for any young person to participate. 

As part of registration, you will identify your school or program Champion.  The Champion is our primary contact person who will be leading your local initiative.  Champions will be responsible to promote the EnvisionEdPlus Youth Virtual Career Fair to students and families. Champions will also assist students as they set up the CTN profiles, LinkedIn profiles and prepare resumes. 

Step 2: Champions participate in virtual training sessions to a) understand how to navigate the career fair platform, and b) enhance their skills at helping students create professional resumes and LinkedIn profiles that get them noticed. Training schedule will be available soon.

All Champion training is free and will be offered multiple times. Recorded training videos will also be available to Champions. 

Step 3: Students complete their profiles on the career fair platform by April 14th.  Then they can freely access the platform at their convenience during the entire month of May! 

Senior Talent Executive, Jennifer Savage, recently shared “Employers should always champion the next generation because we know what we are looking for, how we like the format, the skills, and wording and phrases management wishes to see.  Educators and Employers speak two different languages. It is up to us as professionals in our respective fields to come together and help young people navigate the transition so they have a better understanding and sense of their options. There is no single good tool to educate students on all the options for careers.  So, the more businesses get involved, the smaller the gap becomes.” For these reasons, Ms. Savage is excited about this Career Fair for Ohio’s graduating seniors and she is volunteering her time to train School Champions how best to help young people create powerful resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

How can businesses in your community get involved?

  • We highly recommend School Champions connect with businesses in their communities to make sure they know this opportunity is available.  Career Town Network is offering a huge discount to businesses to participate.  The fee is only $250 (regular rate is $950). 
  • Businesses should contact Jeannie Mok, Regional Relationship Manager, to learn more about the platform and how they can participate. (jmok@careertown.net)

Is this Virtual Career Fair a one shot deal?

  • Painesville City Schools, EnvisionEdPlus and Career Town Network will be hosting this annual statewide virtual career fair during the month of May for the next five years!  
  • Funding for this event comes from grant funds through the Ohio Department of Education’s Innovative Workforce Investment Program (IWIP – round 2).

Who do I contact if I have questions or need additional information?

Lisa Frasure, Innovation Specialist @ EnvisionEdPlus is project manager. Please contact her at lisajfrasure@gmail.com.

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