Food and Agriculture Service Learning Program


Up to $225,000


December 8, 2022



The Food and Agriculture Service-Learning Program is designed to increase the knowledge of agricultural science and improve the nutritional health of children. Grant proposals are accepted to increase the capacity for food, garden, and nutrition education with K-12 schools; and build community engagement between farms and school systems.

Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, the following examples:
• Expand experiential or agriculture-based learning opportunities, such as the creation of school gardens, support to agriculture or food clubs, or increased exposure to on-farm activities.
• Develop and evaluate integrated curriculum to reinforce food and nutrition-based learning throughout the school environment.
• Conduct strategic planning to expand or coordinate programs across multiple school districts.
• Expand existing farm-to-school initiatives.
• Provide professional development, training and technical support, curriculum development, and evaluation activities.

Competitive funding preference is provided to proposals incorporating the following components:
• Engage children in experiential learning about agriculture, cooking, gardening, nutrition, and where food comes from.
• Facilitate a connection between elementary and secondary schools and local and regional agricultural producers.
• Target underserved rural or urban communities.


Eligible applicants are state agricultural experiment stations, colleges and universities, university research foundations, other research institutions and organizations, federal agencies, national laboratories, private organizations, nonprofit organizations, foundations, corporations, and individuals.

Applicants are encouraged to seek and create partnerships with public, private, nonprofit, or for-profit entities. Competitive funding preference is provided to applicants with a proven track record implementing initiatives aligned with the grant program’s priorities.

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