Successful and Not-So-Successful Strategies for Preparing Each Student for Success

For several years now, Ohio Local Report Cards have reflected progress (or sometimes lack thereof) on high school Prepared for Success indicators. The challenges schools face in raising their Prepared for Success performance are amplified when it comes to Ohio’s new-but-not-fully implemented graduation standards: Not enough students have access to graduation pathways in which they […]

EEP Partners WIN $10M in Grants

Our district and non-profit partners had a great summer earning wins on a variety of grants that totaled nearly $10 Million ($9,999,114 to be exact)! Here is a quick rundown of grant winners from this summer. Congratulations to all! Thank you for allowing EnvisionEdPlus to support your mission to ensure #allkidsthrive.   Striving Readers Grants Mahoning County […]

Ohio Grant-Sanity Watch List 2018

Lions and tigers and grants – Oh My! This will be a busy winter – spring for districts and non-profits looking to pursue grants and innovation opportunities related to education, STEM and youth development.  Here is EnvisionEdPlus’ Grant-Sanity Watch List. Please note: all timelines listed below are estimations right now. EEP will share updates via […]

Striving Readers: Preparing to Succeed on Ohio’s Newest Competitive Grant

Ohio is expected to invite applications early in 2018 for grant funding to improve literacy outcomes among children birth through grade 12. Potential applicants should be preparing now, including taking a critical step before the end of 2017 to ensure their eligibility for the grant competition. The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) recently announced it […]

Afterschool Professionals Blaze New PD Trail

Afterschool Professionals’ Learning Community (APLC) Ready for Kick Off   The Ohio Afterschool Network‘s new Afterschool Professionals’ Learning Community (APLC) is ready to help your afterschool program succeed. Educational consultants from EnvisionEdPlus and McWatters Consulting led a full-day “train-the-trainer” session in Delaware, OH on September 27, 2017 for a handful of highly-qualified Afterschool trainers from […]