EEP Grant Watch: Winter Edition

As we near the holiday season, the Ohio Department of Education is bestowing some schools with new grant opportunities and has shifted deadlines for others. There are also new grants on the horizon that we are sharing for the first time. This is a pretty extensive update, so to get the scoop…Read more.

NEW Grant: School Quality Improvement Grants (SQIG)                                 

Status: Open NOW. Due: January 22, 2019 (11:59AM)

Funder: ODE

Amount: $300K- $750K over FY19-FY22

Eligibility: ONLY schools  recently designated as priority, focus, warning                     

Purpose/Use of Funds: Indirect service grants to implement sustainable, strategic improvement strategies that are part of a broader continuous improvement plan. The application requires schools to conduct needs assessments and choose among four school improvement target areas aligned with their needs. Target areas: 1) excellent educators and instructional practice; 2) standards, assessment and accountability (data use capacity improvement); 3) positive climate & culture; 4) research based collaboration with Harvard University on chronic absenteeism.

Need to Knows: These are federal school improvement funds that are replacing grants referred to as SIG and school improvement 1003. This is an indirect service grant so funds cannot be used to directly serve students. Use of funds to hire instructional coaches is NO longer allowable. The original deadline was January 11, but it has been extended to January 22. The application materials are currently available on the ODE website and within the CCIP document library. CCIP opens December 19.

EEP Support: Given the timeline for this grant, much of the writing process needs to happen over winter break. EEP has a limited number of spots still available to provide support. Contact us ASAP to secure your school’s spot in order to receive best available pricing.

Timeline shift: Expanding Opportunities for Each Child (EOEC)

Status: Will open shortly after SQIG closes

Funder: ODE

Amount: Up to $450,000 over 2 years

Eligibility: All school districts, community schools, STEM/STEAM schools

Competitive Preference: Applications with the most number of “priority” or “focus” schools.

Purpose/Use of Funds: Ohio’s ESSA Plan and changes in federal regulations allows ODE to use up to 3 percent of Title I Part A funds for a competitive grant for districts to expand access to advanced coursework and educational options for students. Applicants may apply for one or both of the following areas: a) Career pathways program development; and b) Access to advanced coursework (Advanced Placement courses and/or International Baccalaureate program.

Need to Knows: ODE originally stated this would be open in fall 2018, but the timeline has shifted. ODE is referring to this as a ‘direct service’ grant that can support and extend the work of SQI eligible schools.

EEP Supports: Any district/school that receives Title 1 funds is eligible to apply, but there are 850 schools eligible for competitive preference, so this will be extremely competitive. Given the competitiveness of this grant, we recommend districts and community schools contact us to secure your spot before the holidays if you need support.

Update: School Safety Training Grants      

Funder: Attorney General’s Office

Status: Deadline for acceptance letters has been extended to November 30.

Amount: Varies based on school enrollment

Eligibility: Every school in the state (public and private) received an allocation.

Purpose/Use of Funds: The use of the grants includes, but is not limited to, all of the following: (1) The support of school resource officer certification training*; (2) Any type of active shooter and school safety training*; (3) All grade level type educational resources*; (4) Training to identify and assist students with mental health issues; (5) Any other training related to school safety*.

Need to Knows: Applicants must work or contract with the county sheriff’s office or a local police department in whose jurisdiction they are located to develop the programs and training marked with (*). Completing the acceptance letter only takes a couple minutes and you are NOT required to describe your plan for fund use. Funds must be expended by June 30, 2019.

EEP Supports: We are offering FREE technical assistance to help districts/schools determine how best to use their allocated funds. Contact us if you would like recommendations for your school or district.

NEW Grant: Safe Routes to School                                                                           

Status: Opens January 7, 2019. Deadline: March 4, 2019.

Funder: Ohio Department of Transportation

Amount: Up to $400K for infrastructure and up to $60K for non-infrastructure

Eligibility: Ohio communities

Purpose/Use of Funds: Safety projects that encourage or enable K-8 children , including those with disabilities, to walk or ride their bikes to school.

Need to Knows: Community must complete a School Travel Plan that is approved by ODOT. Some applications will need letter of support from relevant MPO/RTPO. Applicants MUST reach out to ODOT District SRTS Coordinators ASAP. No later than February 1, all applicants must submit email request for Crash Data Mapping report. Following submission, applicants will be required to give a presentation (in person or online) to address comments or concerns identified by reviewers. Notification expected in June 2019.

EEP Support: If your community needs writing assistance, please contact us to request support by December 10.

Upcoming Deadline: Inventionland Institute Small Rural Schools Grant.      

Status: Open.  Deadline: December 31, 2018.

Funder: Inventionland Institute

Amount: If awarded, grantees will receive up to a 50% discount on an Innovation Course 2-year site license and a 10% discount on all optional teacher and student resources.

Eligibility: Any Ohio LEA or not for profit out-of-school time program providers that meets Inventionland’s small or rural grant criteria.

Purpose/Use of Funds: Inventionland Institute is supporting small and rural schools/programs to make the innovation curriculum more affordable for those that would otherwise be unable to afford the program.

Need to Knows: Grantees are required to complete training within 3 months of grant award and will be expected to start using curriculum no later than fall 2019. Grantees must be willing to host site visits to share their innovative practices with other interested schools/programs. Inventionland offers these grants quarterly, so there will be additional deadlines in 2019.

EEP Support: We are hosting a series of FREE visits to Inventionland and Days of Innovation visits to Ohio schools using the Innovation courses. See our Invent, Make and Learn blog for more details. We will also do FREE application reviews prior to submission of your Inventionland grants. Contact us for assistance as needed.


Status: No timeline yet.

Funder: ODE

Amount: Up to $5,000 per school with a maximum of $50,000. Awards could be spent down over 2 years.

Eligibility: Public Schools (traditional, community, STEM/STEAM) that serve any grades K-3.

Competitive Preference: (1) serves one or more eligible school buildings with 50% or higher ED rate. (2) serves one or more eligible school buildings with high suspension rates; (3) eligible applicants who were not awarded a grant under either (1) or (2) in the order in which the applications were received.       

Purpose/Use of Funds: School Climate Grants, shall be used to provide competitive grants to eligible applicants to implement positive behavior intervention and supports frameworks, evidence- or research-based social and emotional learning initiatives, or both, in eligible school buildings.

~Michele Timmons, EnvisionEdPlus President

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Our Courses

Image Course Description Price Created On Last Updated On categories_ID
Supporting Families (Level 1) Consider the differences between engaging and supporting eight types of parents or family members you might encounter. Reflect on your past experiences with each of those types. Create and implement an action plan to improve your support for families who need it. 0.00 2020/07/17 2022/03/24 6
STEAMing Up Literacy (Level 1) The content in this course is designed to begin your understanding of STEAM integration (design thinking) and apply this knowledge to your own classroom. You will have the opportunity to implement a mini lesson and receive feedback about your lesson. Two “office hours” will be available to chat with the instructor and others enrolled in this course. 0.00 2021/01/09 2022/03/24 5
Trauma Brain (Level 1) The brain is constantly changing and molding in response to the environment. These changes impact student learning. This is especially true in terms of trauma. This training is designed to help participants learn what goes on in the brain and how they can set up a learning environment for each of the students in their class. 0.00 2021/01/30 2022/03/24 4
STEAMing Up Literacy (Level 2) The content in this course is designed to begin your understanding of Problem Based Learning(PBL) and apply this knowledge to your own classroom. You will have the opportunity to implement a mini lesson and receive feedback about your lesson. 0.00 2021/02/23 2022/03/24 5
High Quality Literacy Instruction (Level 1 & 2) Core content includes an overview of Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement, evidence-based literacy practices, and resources and tools for literacy instruction. Participants will create, implement and improve two classroom-based literacy strategies (in-person, blended or remote). 0.00 2021/02/23 2022/03/24 5
Supporting Families (Level 2) In Engaging Families Through Support - Level 1, you learned about eight types of parents/caregivers and reflected on your past experiences with each type, culminating in a plan to better engage specific types as partners in their children's education. During this 8-hour asynchronous course you will delve deeper in your understanding of the eight types of parents/caregivers by speaking with individual family members you work with, discovering what they need from you and your program, and implementing an action plan informed by the actual families you serve. Doing so will give you sustainable skills and strategies to build stronger family engagement year after year. 0.00 2021/03/07 2022/03/30 6
Differentiated & Engaged Instruction (Level 1) Differentiation is effective instruction that is responsive to the learner’s preferences, interests and their readiness. It could be explained as a framework for thinking about your teaching and your student’s learning. This course discusses differentiation as an effective teaching tool. Included are many resources and strategies to help meet the learning needs of each student. Participants will learn through various articles, videos, examples, strategies and resources to adapt lessons to meet the needs of each student in their classrooms. 0.00 2021/03/18 2022/03/24 5
Trauma Brain (Level 2) This course gives an advanced understanding of the brain. including differences between “active” and “relational” based brains, trauma-related behaviors, and strategies to reach and teach trauma-impacted students so that they can re-engage in learning. Participants will learn about the range of thinking that a brain does, explore how students fit into the range of thinking, and discover healthy ways of engaging the full range of thinking. 0.00 2021/05/31 2022/03/24 4
Differentiated & Engaged Instruction (Level 2) This 8-hour, self-paced course is facilitated by Laurie Trotter, an EnvisionEdPlus Instructional Specialist. The course explores advanced differentiation as an effective instructional method that is responsive to the learner’s preferences and interests. Create, implement, and improve a lesson plan to engage all learners. Participants will learn through various articles, videos, examples, strategies, and resources to be able to be proficient in starting to adapt lessons to meet all needs of students in their classroom. Prerequisite: Differentiated and Engaged Instruction (Bronze Badge). 0.00 2021/05/31 2022/03/24 5
Creativity Belongs in the Classroom (Level 1) Encourage lifelong learning, improve focus, reduce anxiety and enhance thinking in your classroom or program. Creativity is a learned and trained process for getting the most out of higher level thinking and problem solving of your students. Learn how to embed creativity easily into your lessons, using strategies that will help unlock your students ability to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers. This course is appropriate for anyone who works with youth and also satisfies the HQPD Gifted competencies of A, B, and D. 0.00 2022/01/14 2022/04/10 5

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