4 New Ohio Focused Grant Opportunities

We apologize to all of our out-of-state folks, these 4 grants are all Ohio based. Don’t worry, there will more non-Ohio based grants coming!

  1. Ohio STEM Learning Network Classroom Grant
    • If you are looking to build sustainable STEM programs in your classroom or school, check out OSLN’s recent grant. Thanks to a generous funding from Battelle, you can get awarded either $2,500 or $5,000 to support your program!
  2. OFCC School Security Grants Update
    • There is now additional funding available for school security grants! This is designed to support K-12 schools improve and sustain their school security. Please note – this grant is a bit confusing so if you need any help understanding it, reach out to Michele (Michele@envisionedplus.com)
  3. Reaching All Students Through Language and Literacy
    • This will engage 20 building and districts in improving their literacy instruction for students who were hit the hardest by the pandemic-related school shutdowns. The project will focus on improving literacy instruction by drawing on structured literacy approaches.
  4. Transportation Collaboration Grant
    • A public school district that applies for this grant can be awarded up to $10,000 for their efforts that would lead to shared resource management, routing consolidations, or other activities to reduce their transportation costs.

We have helped our partnering schools get awarded over $223,000,000!! If you need any grant support, you know who to ask!

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